Actual HealthCare Solutions (AHS) is a HealthIT startup focused on revolutionizing the impact of AI-driven technology in the healthcare industry. Founded by Dr. Jamie Wisser, AHS is committed to developing innovative solutions that not only address the demands of modern medicine but actively contribute to the success of medical practices. AHS’s vision is to empower physicians by rebalancing the distribution of control, addressing the challenges posed by technological systems in their workflows. We are poised to make a game-changing impact by placing high value technology directly in the hands of physicians and their teams, improving patient outcomes through exceptional collaboration.

About Actual Healthcare Solutions Inc.

Actual HealthCare Solutions is a Health IT startup founded by Dr. Jamie Wisser, creating healthcare solutions with doctors in mind

Our AI-driven solutions are designed to put physicians back in control and overcome technological challenges in their workflows

We are placing high-value technology directly in the hands of medical teams, improving patient outcomes and making practices more successful

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